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As science advances, it’s time to rethink dog joint supplements

There’s a new standard for joint supplements. Joint stiffness affects 20% of adult dogs in the US, and up to 80% of dogs eight years or older. The common way of addressing this concern? Traditional joint supplements that aren’t backed by science and don’t necessarily deliver improved mobility results.

Scientific understanding of mobility concerns and support has greatly advanced in recent years, making it the right time to re-evaluate and rethink joint supplements as part of an effective, multi-modal care plan.

Today, truly beneficial joint supplements offer a myriad of benefits to help manage mobility:

  • Mobility support without side effects
  • Increased management of other multi-modal treatments
  • Better client compliance
  • Improvement in day-to-day quality of life
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What is the new standard for joint supplements?

Complete Joint Cycle Support

  • Supports joint structure and maintains mobility
  • Aids the body’s own inflammatory response

Trusted by Experts

  • Backed by leading experts in the veterinary community
  • Professionals that support the clinical evidence and outcomes

Scientifically Proven Ingredients

  • Sustainably sourced and processed to provide proven efficacy
  • Ingredients with strong evidence, such as highly concentrated Omega 3s

Guaranteed Results

  • The company completely backs the supplements it provides
  • Guaranteed results or the client’s money back

Backed by Science

  • Two objectively measured in vivo clinical studies with positive improvements to mobility on file
  • Activity monitors used to measure objectively and show mobility improvement

NASC Quality Seal

  • Displays the National Animal Supplement Council Quality Seal
  • Quality product that’s annually audited to ensure it’s promoting animal wellbeing

YuMOVE – the only joint supplement meeting the new standard

Diagram showing the triple action proven formula

YuMOVE provides 360-degree support for all stages of the joint damage lifecyle


YuMOVE ADVANCE 360 has helped over 1 million dogs with mobility issues, making it the #1 veterinary joint supplement in the UK. YuMOVE ADVANCE 360 is already being used in and recommended by hundreds of clinics throughout the United States.

Trusted by experts

“YuMOVE ADVANCE 360 is a very important product for increasing canine mobility. It’s not just one ingredient that makes the difference, but how all the ingredients work together in this particular formulation that increases mobility in dogs.”


“YuMOVE ADVANCE 360 has what it takes to get dogs moving again. It contains Green Lipped Mussel comprised of Omega 3 fatty acids which act to engage the positive inflammatory response. In addition, other nutrients in the formulation help to decrease discomfort and increase mobility. If you’re not recommending YuMOVE ADVANCE 360, you need to start – today!”

Kara Burns, MS, MEd, LVT, VTS (Nutrition)

The YuMOVE difference

Backed by science
Two objectively measured, in vivo clinical studies have been completed on YuMOVE’s complete joint formula. The studies, which used state-of-the-art activity monitors to measure movement objectively, found that YuMOVE improved a dog’s overall mobility.

Lizzo’s story
This is Lizzo’s story. Before trying YuMOVE ADVANCE 360, this canine was having a hard time with stiff joints. Just 10 days later, the difference was visible. And now? She’s got bags of energy and is living her most active life!.

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*Independent lab data from a single sample